Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Cowgirl in our Midst - The Conclusion

Mary Helen passed away peacefuly at 6:19 am today, with her son, my dad, and her daughter-in-law, my mom, at her side.  Swift crossing, Mary Helen, and enjoy the awaiting jubilee - I know you are.

In my sadness and respect, I picture MH alone, atop a horse, at the foot of a mountain that is part of the Tennessee mountains. There is a valley of purple wildflowers below, and they catch her roving, alert eyes as she scans the woods around her and the mountains above her.  She is not 90 anymore, but 19 or so, and in my daydream has not yet married or had children - those are to come.  She gazes out over the valley, and shifts her shotgun slightly on her lap as she urges her horse to start walking forward, away from the steep mountain before her. The sun is filtering through the trees, and she is wondering how she will capture the scene - and the feeling that it gives her - later, on canvas.  She has a sense that the Lord is quite close here in the woods leading out to the purple valley, but has had this feeling so often here that it is like greeting her dearest friend in the place they are accustomed to meeting.  She decides to just take off, and with a quick kick to her willing mountain horse, off they plunge into the valley.  They ride as fast as they can, for the pure joy of doing it, yet with a feeling of purpose neither the horse nor Mary Helen quite yet understands.  They disappear; only Mary Helen's happy shout of discovery and joy echoes through the valley as the purple flowers part to mark her passing.

To God we entrust this dear soul; as He is the One who truly understands it.


  1. So much of her is still alive in you!! She was so talented in so many ways....and now many of her special qualities live on in you!! Your writings continue to evoke great emotion so please continue to write...as Mary Helen would urge you to follow your passion. She is still with us in you and your writing about her above is perfect!!

    I love you!!


  2. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. She sounds like a wonderful woman. I've enjoyed reading about her over the past weeks on your blog.Thanks for sharing your memories of her with all of us. Our prayers are with you and your Family!!
    MJ xo

  3. So Sorry to hear about Mary Helen. I have enjoyed hearing about her. She was quite the lady! Our prayers and thoughts are with you and the men folk. Love ya......Mary H

  4. My prayers are with you Deirdre and your family...thank you for sharing your dear sweet grandmother with us. I can only imagine Mary Helen to be as effervescant and as wonderful as you are. Wouldn't we all be so very fortunate to have a witness to our life like you were for Mary Helen? She was one lucky lady to have you.
    With warmest regards,


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