Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mr. President, Use your Home Ofice

The President comes to my neighbor to the North today - New Hampshire. As he continues his whirlwind speaking tour post-Scott Brown election, it makes me wonder: why can't the President stay home and work? He needs more time in the home office - the Oval Office. He reminds me of a country-western singer that gets itchy when he's home too long, away from the adoring (well, that part might not be true these days) crowds.

When things get tough, you hunker down. You work it, then meet with people, then work it, then meet with people, then work it again...it is not glamorous. No one knows what you're doing; there are no cameras there. You have to believe in your ablility to create a workable plan, and then...create a workable plan.

Mr. President, please stay home and work on behalf of America. If you are out on the road you can't be at your desk. There are opportunities coming up to hit the road, I promise - the next 2010 elections. Go home and get busy; we need you at home doing the work of the people.


  1. What is wrong with the President being out on the road? What can he do from his office that he can't do while traveling? That is one of the joys of living in this technological age. I for one think it is good for the President to be out amoung Americans. How else is he supposed to truly hear what the people have to say. If he is staying in the Oval Office all the time, then he will start living in a bubble. That is exactly the kind of President we don't want.

  2. To anonymous, your reasoning wouldn't be bad if he was out listening to Americans, unfortunately he continues to talk AT us not to us, telling us what he thinks we should care about and not what Americans are truly concerned about.


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