Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 13

I have one very basic question: Where the heck was yoga when I was a teenager? I continue to be blown away by the life-changing insights I gain during each class about how to live my happiest life. These lessons certainly would have come in handy when I was melting down about prom dates, girlfriend issues, boyfriend issues and how I measured up.

Today’s lesson was about keeping your eyes on your own mat. The teacher said over and over again that if you were having a hard time paying attention to what you alone were doing, just close your eyes. If that’s not a life lesson, I don’t know what is! Think about it – if I could just worry about myself (WAY easier said than done) I would eliminate a huge amount of unnecessary (and often self-created!) stress in my life.

So, tomorrow’s mission: Eyes on my own mat -- and not on the close-to-perfect yoga student in front of me.


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