Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Namaste...Estaman...Erin's 30 day Challenge Continues!

Day 20

Against all odds, I found my way back to the yoga studio today.

The odds that plagued me over the past few days – namely ear infections, migraines, dirty dishes, dirtier floors, unmade beds, thank you notes, lacrosse, hockey and sleepovers -- didn’t even get a second thought from me today as I prepped myself for yoga class. I worked hard to keep these damaging images out of my head, although I will admit that vision of me walking out the door to yoga with the dirty dishes and unmade beds staring me in the face did give me pause.

But I went and I am blessed that I did because I found out today that I have “yoga friends.” Three women that I have run into over the course of my life in different ways – one from high school and two from my old gym – have become regulars at my yoga studio and I see them several times a week now.

When I walked quietly into the yoga studio, we were so happy to see each other that we immediately greeted one another with an enthusiastically whispered, “Hi!” We then plunged headfirst into low-hushed discussions about where I had been the past week (“We were worried about you!”), my husband’s thoughts on Namaste (or Estaman!) and how we were each doing with our yoga practice.

It was one of those unexpected moments of goodness that happens every once in a while and I am going to savor it. Here I was thinking that my 30-day yoga challenge would yield the predictable results: newly toned and flexible muscles, and possibly a brighter, more peaceful outlook on life. But I’m getting much more – and that “more” has Namaste written all over it.

My husband was home this morning when I returned from yoga. I felt so full and happy – much differently than I had last week when he made the “Estaman” discovery. So, I told him there was a slight possibility that he was correct about me being bitter and embodying the opposite of Namaste. When he heard my full confession, he bowed to me with hands at heart center and simply said, “Namaste.” I laughed – but if he starts saying that word 100 times a day again, things are going to get ugly.

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