Saturday, April 9, 2011

Government Shut-Down Averted...

I am thrilled that there is no shut-down; it sounded like military personnel were going to miss every other paycheck (roughly) if the shut-down occured, which I tend to believe.  We can never let that happen; not even one paycheck can ever be missed by our modern-day heroes in uniform. 

On the subject of Planned Parenthood, I was absolutely psyched that the Repubs were initially holding their ground, as I am very pro-baby, no matter what stage of growth that baby is in.  (I am not just interested in fully-formed, viable babies, in other words.) I am tired of paying taxes into this group, and there apparently is nothing they won't do to stay funded and keep cranking out abortions - beginning the airing of commercials that talked about how many Pap smears and cancer-checks they were going to be prevented from providing should they be de-funded made me sick.  Planned Parenthood has been known (and in years past, loved to be known) as abortion-providers, period.

Planned Parenthood is on notice and under scrutiny now.  What a concept!

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